The Dose
The thing, that makes the Dose so matchless, is the voice of Philip Spohn and his fragmental lyrics. Snap-shots of an extroverted inner life, from nonchalant to infuriatingly laconic, from smooth an soulfull to sick. In other words casual rocking tracks between alien-electro-funk, pumping house grooves with a chicago fundament and a lively selection of sounds. Modern electronic dance music with deepness. Technically advanced, sharpened on the surface, compact, handy and at the same time dirty. "Pure-Malt-Disco-Shit" The music is the embodiment of a play of approaches, hints and omissions. A sound, that is far out and so close at the same time. In the spur of the moment, personal.



FK FK026 Money or love
FK FK022 I'm your door
FK FK017 She loves me hard
FK FK013 And the last man standing
FK FK010 My bi*ch is funky EP

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