Felipe Valenzuela
Felipe Valenzuela is a quickly rising talent from Chile. He was born in Viña del Mar where he studied piano from a young age. His passion for music led him to explore different styles from progressive rock to new wave. Eventually, this search brought him to electronic music in 1998. Although he was inspired by this sound right away, it wasn´t until 2002 when he finally began to consider DJing professionally as an option. Since then he has poured every minute of his time into growing as a musician and a DJ. This has meant that he has taken an active part in organizing events and booking international artists to increase awareness of electronic music in Chile. From these experiences he was able to discover new musical perspectives and develop a sound of his own. Felipe’s predominant style is House but he’s not afraid to incursion into other sounds in explosive and elegant DJ sets that activate the dance‐floor. His music experiments combining organic and funky sounds with both Latin and African rhythms and it is here where you can definitely feel that groovy South American vibe in his sets. As a producer he has edited EPs on labels such as Fumakilla (and its’ sub‐label Fumalab), Recycle, Andes Music, Sound Architecture and Metroline. His latest releases have achieved amazing international success on sales lists and DJ charts and gained support from artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Loco Dice, Matthias Tanzmann, Matthew Dear, Nick Curly, Guy Gerber, Anja Schneider, 2000 and One, Raresh, Chris Carrier, Lauhaus, Laurent Garnier, Sebo K, Brothers’ Vibe and André Galluzzi among others.



FK FK037 New Follow
FK FK035 10 Years Fumakilla Part 1
FK FK034 Woman
FK FK033 Aneninema
FK FK031 Otra Vida

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Cocobeach - Paris, France

Provocateur - New York, United States

Green Valley - Camboriú / Santa Cata, Brazil

Confraria das Artes - Florianópolis, Brazil

Weekend Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bonita Beach, Concepcion - Chile

Club La Feria, Santiago Chile

Circo Loco, Ibiza/Balears

Club La Feria, Santiago/Chile

D Edge, Sao Paulo/Brazil

Cocoon Party w/ Sven Väth - Santiago/Chile


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