Leix & Ronro
This pair of Spanish producers djs, based in Valencia, Leix & Ronro have developed a long career at the Spanish circuit. Appeared in the latest compilation of Barraca music, being the surprise of the disc. Expected to see more, of those burgeoning talent in the months to come. Felipe Venegas (Cadenza-Fumakilla-Supernature) studied classic music in the conservatory of Chile. during that period he experimented with electronic sounds, from where got his great domination of harmony, percussion, and composition. His music has found place in the most important clubs in Europe, following the line of the new Chilean house sound, always hot and mysterious, imposed by Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos. This summer of 2009 Felipe Venegas he played in most important clubs in Europe, Weekend-Berlin, Harry Klein-Munich, Narita-Valencia, Catwalk- Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Ibiza, Mallorca, London, Eindhoven, Copenhagen... all in to the Europe tour 2009.



FK FK035 10 Years Fumakilla Part 1

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