The Dose
And the last man standing

RELEASE 2001-01-20

After months and months of waiting the “climate is (finally) rising” again dudes. THE DOSE berlin´s lectronic answer to “for those about to rock” serve a new 4 tracker so tightly programmed and intense sounding it´s propably the most mature fumakilla to date, maybe one of THE german records this year. their best moments remind of a meltdown between rockers hifi and an up to date green velvet but this time they take it even further. the best tracks “coming through” and “short story” have next to their incredible basslines and fat open sound , almost epic character. “short story” is the example of an intelligently made electronic dancefloor dramaplay, the best example on what an highly creative and inspiring quality level electronic clubmusic is able to play at in this moment. THE DOSE are a perfect example why this type of dancemusic music that we all eat and drink everyday has not only survived against all odds, it is propably at or close to it´s peak in this year. check “short story” to understand what we are talking about. Next to all this other great tracks on this EP : “Climate is Rising","Coming Through","Lowride". This music has its right to be there, its sick,fresh,effective and comes as natural as nighttime follows 9 to 5. anyhow,"read those lips-they cant lie” like georg bush sr. used to say : this will be played out as long as the last of the least are on stand by!! MIXMAG (UK) 01.2005 review: “Berlins Fumakilla Label (owned by Germans DJ Woody) has been putting out innovative tracks since 2000. This 4track ep has been rocking out the Mixmag offices all month. Standout tracks "Low Ride", a bass-heavy Bugged Out!-style slammer with an OG talking about his low-rider over the top of the chunky beats. Innovative, fresh and proper funky. Definitely a label to watch. ” Raveline (GER) 02.2005 review: "Durchgedreht, extrem tanzbar und ordentlich abgefreakt. (...) Feiste beats, knackige Percussions, ultratiefe, magenkizzelnde Bässe, irre Effekte und sorgsam eingesetzte Vocals. (...) Berliner Hinterhof-Musiklaboranten, die es verstehen, druckvolle Tanzmusik herzustellen (...)." Groove (GER) 01/02.2005 review: "(...) eine weitere Platte voller Funk-Vertraktheiten (...). Lässigkeit machts möglich- besonders jene in den Vocals, die spätestens bei 'Low- Ride in bester Supermax-Manier aus den vollen schöpfen können. Entkrampfte Perfektion im Wiegeschritt."




  • 1. A1 / Climate Is Rising
  • 2. A2 / Coming Through
  • 3. B1 / Low Ride
  • 4. B2 / Short Story

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