Tema EP

RELEASE 2005-04-24

Well it took some time to come up with a new FUMAKILLA but you know their releases come with that hit guarantee. no different with this 3 tracker from the guys behind DOMYSTEK ( Matt Vega & Morten Fresh ) - a Copenhagen based outfit that manages here to cover an entire DJ Set in one piece of vinyl. “poppin” is the main track here and surely this will be heard on dancefloors worldwide during peaktime. “forevertron” is more on an electro vibe and seems to be the perfect track to carefully squeeze out some extra energy during the lovely morning hours. flip over for a fantastic, jam-packed tech-house ride from Chicago to Detroit and back. DE:BUG (GER) review 2005: "Kopenhagen ist definitiv eine der Städte, in der es zur Zeit mächtig brodelt. Diverse Label, ein ganzer Haufen neuer, vielversprechender Produzenten, was will man mehr. Die klassisch pumpenden Chicago-House-Euphorie-Versprechen treiben auch Domystek an. Drei Tracks, die so offensiv nostalgisch sind, dass einem schon mal schwindelig werden kann. Den geneigten Neo-Acid-Floor werden sie natürlich trotzdem rocken."




  • 1. A1 / Poppin'
  • 2. A2 / Forevertron
  • 3. B / Chi-Town Showdown

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