Lars Sommerfeld
From out of nowhere

RELEASE June 2008

Ok folks, harvest time comes near and finally finally some extra crunch for your proper “mitte deutschland” rage breakfast. maybe the most accesible, bumpty slick and fully grained fumakilla fibre since long served with or without sugar and honey - there´s clearly written “must eat!” allover.whatever lars sommerfeld did or took during the last 18 months or so he´s not only looking for the “house of god” ("cadillac"b2) but like a corn flake to the groove he´s processing an ultimate setup for the hottest dish straight between classsic hi energy electro disco and 2004 berlin acid flush ("van too a1″).direct and non stop “foreign” follows 2 deliciously stunning starters with some truly fumaesque synth broken percussive juice until “jack the doe a2″ reads us some intense early morning headlines from the world outside. and you´re ready to go…! DE:BUG (GER) 12.2004 review: “Klar hier wird gebrettert. Mit knarzigen Basslines und viel skurrilem Raveappeal. Das macht Spass Eine EP die mit seinen 4 Oldschooltracks perfekt passt und genug Hands in the Air Stimmung verbreitet. ” Raveline (GER) 12.2004 review: “Fumakilla hat auf seiner neuen EP gleich vier delikate und hoch explosive Tanzwaffen am Start machen Spaß und rocken das Tanzbein mächtig und schweißtreibend ”




  • 1. A1 / Van Too
  • 2. A2 / Jack The Doe
  • 3. B1 / Foreign
  • 4. B2 / Cadillac

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