Paul Ritch
Back to the time

RELEASE 2007-07-31

played by Guido Schneider, Laurent Garnier, C Rock, Ivan Smagghe, Ali (Tiefschwarz) and Karotte! Next strike on fumakilla, this time new shots produced by french artist paul ritch, well known for his stunning releases on labels like get physical, resopal, kickboxer and paradigma, just to name a few….paul definitly knows how to create deep and smooth atmospheres, without sob stuff….he has resources against boredom!!!! fluffy basslines and soundscapes, a wicked little synth chord and a reserved drumwork starts the main track called ” back to time". after a short and constructive break the principal theme restarts, with a striking sound selection and harmonious arrangements. call it mini-trance, call it tech-house, or even detroit-tech, call it whatever, it doesn’t make any differences, the main thing is, the boys and girls all over the world will boogie with a smile on their faces, and deservedly so….trip down memory lane!!!!on the flip another tune called “vatican’s bell", and also another straight forward goin’ up groove monster with pretty great arrangements and awesome placed strings. paul ritch plays the first violin, he knows how to produce a timeless masterpiece, reduced but heavily effective monster tracks at the end, come, look and see…wordandsound says: 10 points to berlin again!! Bigshot Mag (USA) review: “With a handful of successful releases on Get Physical, Resopal and Kickboxer, this French house maniac is here to deliver some more smooth atmospheres, swingin’ beats and chunky kicks. Opening up with a progressive key riff, the playful and bouncy melody shuffles ahead with the aid of a sideways shaker, while a huge high-pass filter break unleashes a top-shelf club thriller. The flip goes a bit deeper into the catacombs of reverberating wonder, as a like-minded syncopated stab develops well below the Latin bubbling surface. Spatial effects color the sound canvas to complete the release” C Rock (Stir 15): “tech-house-prototype! strike. Fuma on the pitch! Bussie Woody!” David Duriez (Brique Rouge): “salut, a lot of greetings for your latest releases i'm into every one of them, pretty fucking good ;-) Paul Ritch is already a classic in my bag ! keep it on ! much respect und viele danke David ” Guido Schneider (Pokerflat): “Full Support!” Ivan Smagghe (Strobe): “great track... the long detroit-carl craig side is a killer...” Karotte (Cocoon): “i love it. i play it. paul ritch ganz groß. beim break geht alles. riesenhit in meinen sets.” Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “OOOHHHH YYYYEEESSSS” Ali (Tiefschwarz): “great record - play both sides thanx ali ” Anja Schneider (Mobilee Berlin): “Playlist "under the blue moon" Radio Fritz Berlin”




  • 1. A / Back To The Time
  • 2. B / Vatican's Bell

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