Felipe Valenzuela & Dani Casarano
Otra Vida

RELEASE 2009-07-20

The Chile house connection continues to sling the dopest stuff to our floors, barely satisfying the constant craving of dancers and punters worldwide for the highly addictive mixture of salacious latin polyrhythmics and organic afro inspired drum sounds with universal electronic 4/4 beats. Cut and wraped up neatly by Chile born and fastly rising don Felipe Valenzuela and swiss expat Dani Casarano, this duo continues with this heated 3 tracker to further cement their reputation from earlier releases on Fumalab as a highly combustible combination: elastic compulsively grooving house beats are intervowen with latin-american call and response vocals in “otra vida”, the fittingly titled “push” constantly builds up the pressure even in the breakdowns with frantic, flamenco style hand clapping and “the little house” with it’s disco style bassline and the conga driven beat hints at the fruitful marriage of latin, soul and dance music in the melting pot of 70’s New York. Muy rico!! Bigshot Magazine (US): “Combining the best of Chile and Sweden, this duo offers a highly addictive groove full of polyrhythmic Latin sounds, afro-inspired drum bits and an overly organic sound. Blending a heavy electronic 4/4 kick with flamenco-style hand clapping, frantic basslines and conga-line cymbal hits, these house beats are purely combustible on the right dancefloor. Adding a classic call and response vocal ensemble, this installation is a complete south of the boarder extravaganza. ” Anthony Collins: “super good ep” Boris Werner: “The little house is my fav, wicked bassline! The people will get sweaty after this :)” Brett Johnson: “Push" indeed. Ill def. be "Push"ing this track this weekend. Good "Push" on "Push". Thanks.Brett” Brothers Vibe: “Cool funky vibes here! Will DEF play : ) 5/5!” DJ W!LD: “good tracks for the dancefloor viva chile 5/5 ” Giles Smith (secretsundaze): “Really solid ep. "Otra Vida" works well. I really like simple unpretentious funk and warmth of "Little House" too. Definitely got a bit of Sneak influence there. ” Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels): “B1 is great, will be playing.. nice stuff” Jimpster (Freerange): “Little House is my new secret weapon!! what a killer! thank god for B2 tracks like that. ;) just the kind of groove to get lost in.” John Tejada: “ i like the flow of otra vida. nice melodies and rhythms that fit into a tight groove. also dig the little house. Nice 5/5 ” Josh Wink: “didn't expect this sound from Fumakilla. But, I like the The Little House the best. The other tracks have good funky grooves, but lack a bit of creativity, as they song a lot like most of the stuff out there now. Will be playing the “The little house”…” Kabale Und Liebe: “DOPE! Full support for all tracks. 5/5 ” Lauhaus: “great ep. in my playlist.” Luciano (Cadenza): “full support !!!!! 5/5” Onur Özer: “plays it 5/5” Shonky: “nice ep,all the tracks got really cool bassline will play” Sven Fortmann Lodown Mag (GER): “wins when played at sunrise... like the decnt jack references of Little House”




  • 1. A / Otra Vida
  • 2. B1 / Push
  • 3. B2 / The little house

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