Felipe Valenzuela & Dani Casarano

RELEASE 2010-01-11

Fumakilla launches the new year with a banging, excellently produced 12" from the pen of Valenzuela/Casarano. After their outstanding debut release “Otra Vida” on Fumakilla, which was played and charted by numerous top DJs like Jimpster, Luciano, Brothers Vibe and Onur Özer, just to name a few, the two Chileans now drop “Aneninema” - a classical EP with 3 magical tracks.The A-side starts with “Santi” and it’s instantly starting hypnotic pumpin’ groove. With “Flaca” the two prove their musical talent with loads of charm and soul, besides the track flows vitally through it’s latin roots? On the flip with “Aneninema ” they combine and link all these ingredients to create a “groove deluxe” that won’t keep anyone standing still in the club. Feel it, play it, love it!




  • 1. A1 / Santi
  • 2. A2 / Flaca
  • 3. B / Aneninema
  • 4. ° / Santi

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