10 Years Fumakilla Part 2

RELEASE 2010-07-05

A1 Felipe Venegas - Ten Years After B1 J.M. Aboga & Danny Fiddo - Until The Roots B2 Alejandro Vivanco - It’s Time To Following the outstanding “Ten Years of Fumakilla” Compilation compiled and mixed by Woody on 2 CDs we proudly present: “Ten Years Part 2″ now exclusively available on vinyl! On A1 Felipe Venegas.delivers a true A-Side with a live played Mini Moog under the trippin but sweet and smooth harmonies, while the drums and claps are programmed to go on and on, leading through the little breaks for more dancing pleasure in those epic moments. This track is a trip! On B1 J.M. Aboga & Danny Fiddo define a great pumping Deep House tune as we love it in “Until The Roots” on B1. Alejandro Vivanco on B2 teaches a lesson how to do a dark hypnotic Techno track with huge dancefloor effect should be made. It’s time to… celebrate 10 Years Fumakilla!




  • 1. A1 / Ten Years After
  • 2. B1 / Until the Roots
  • 3. B2 / It's Time to

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