Larsson vs. Mahony & Bog
Like She Grooves

RELEASE 2010-04-26

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, Fumakilla has gained a reputation of quality over quantity, with around 40 releases (including sublabel Fumalab) in its decade of existence. Never having to adhere to a rigid production schedule, Fumakilla has always allowed creativity to fl ow at its own pace, with all the releases striving for a certain timeless quality. But what about those tracks whose undeniable impact seems to be linked to a particular moment in time? This is what label head Woody asked himself, and the answer is Fumakilla Digital. The digital-only label, available at all major download sites like Beatport, Juno and Whatpeopleplay, aims to release, without time lag, fresh productions that float between of the moment and cutting edge. The digital label will highlight familiar Fumakilla faces along with plenty of fresh newcomers, and fittingly, the first release is a split EP between Berlin-based Larsson and Romanian duo Mahony & BOg. This is just one of the many ways Fumakilla plants to celebrate its ten successful years get ready for more!




  • 1. 1 / Dirty Clean
  • 2. 2 / Literalmente
  • 3. 3 / Like She Grooves
  • 4. 4 / Masterplan

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